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FAQs About Christmas Trees at Mountain Creek Tree Farm Located in Concord, Ohio.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Tips on selecting a real tree at Mountain Creek Tree Farm

Remember, the Christmas trees purchased from Mountain Creek Tree Farm are as fresh as a Christmas tree can ever be.

Before You Leave Home

Measure the ceiling height in the room where the tree will be displayed. The trees in the field look small when the sky is the ceiling.

Measure the width of the area of the room where the tree will be displayed. Most trees on tree farms are trimmed to an 80 percent taper. So a tree that's 10 feet tall will be 8 feet wide. A tree that will fit in the room vertically may be entirely too big horizontally.

Are there any individuals in the household who are allergic to pine? If so, consider another species, such as firs, instead.

What decorating theme will be used? Ask which species is best suited to your needs. For example, some species are better at holding heavy ornaments and decorations.

What to Expect at the Farm

We do our best to keep our fields very well groomed, but some things are beyond our control. Be careful of ant mounds, woodchuck or rabbit holes, tree stumps, an occasional blackberry or poison ivy vine, uneven ground and sharp saws.

Come to the farm prepared for a day in the country. Wear comfortable shoes and old clothes. Bring rain gear if the weather is threatening. The 'cutter-downers' and the 'loader-uppers' should also have gloves. Don't forget the camera.

We usually provide saws.

Head into the field and select the tree that fits your predetermined needs. Check the trunk to be sure that it is sufficiently straight. Keep in mind that Christmas trees with perfectly straight trunks are actually fairly unusual.

In the fall, all pines drop, or shed, a certain portion of their oldest needles. This is a normal part of the tree's life cycle in preparing itself for winter. To check for yourself, gently grasp a branch between your thumb and forefinger and pull it toward you. Very few needles should come off in your hand if the tree is fresh. We provide shaking service so you will depart with a perfectly clean tree.

Cutting the tree is easiest as a two-person project. The person cutting the tree usually lies on the ground while the helper holds the bottom limbs up. While the cut is being made, the helper should tug on the tree lightly to ensure that the saw does not bind. The tugging force should be applied to the side of the tree opposite the cut.

Bring the tree to the barn where it will be cleaned and netted. Netting makes transporting and handling the tree substantially easier.

When you check out, you will be given a tree removal bag. It can be used as a tree skirt and then pulled up around the tree to help keep the floors clean when the tree is taken down.

Now you're ready to load the tree and head home to decorate your real Christmas tree.

Thank you for selecting Mountain Creek Tree Farm to get your Christmas tree.

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2. Ten Tips on Caring for a Real Christmas Tree

  1. Keep the tree in a cool, shady place like the garage or porch until ready to bring indoors to decorate.
  2. Saw a thin disk (1/2 to 1 inch) off the trunk prior to placing the tree in a water-holding stand.
  3. Make the cut perpendicular to the axis of the stem, NOT in a v-shape or at angles. The tree will drink its water through the layer between the bark and the wood. If you shave the bark off of the trunk the tree will not be able to absorb water.
  4. Place the tree in its water-holding stand within two hours after making a cut to the trunk. When a tree is cut it will naturally form a seal of sap over its stump to keep moisture in the tree. You must break the seal to allow the tree to once again drink the water needed to keep it fresh throughout the holidays.
  5. Your stand must be able to hold enough water for the size of the tree. A good rule of thumb is a one-quart capacity for every inch of diameter of the trunk.
  6. Water temperature makes no difference.
  7. The most important thing is to maintain an adequate water level. Consumers must decide if they want to use a product or substance in the tree's water, but the Ohio Christmas Tree Association does not endorse any additives.
  8. Check water levels often in the first few days. A tree will absorb the most water after it is recently cut and placed in water. It may drink as much as several quarts of water the first 24 hours the tree is in your house. It is not unusual for the rate of water absorption to slow down as the Christmas season progresses.
  9. Make sure the tree is displayed in a place away from heat sources (registers, fireplaces, TV sets and computers) and draft sources. Always check electrical devices (lights and other decorations) before placing on the tree.
  10. Fresh Christmas trees do not cause fires. Unless required by local law, avoid spraying preservatives or fire retardants on the foliage of the tree. Some of these commercially-available products actually increase the rate of moisture loss and can change the appearance of a tree. The most fire-retardant tree is one that is properly watered and cared for.

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3. Quick Tree Facts

Evergreen trees are not really EVER green. The needles of coniferous trees don't stay on forever. As the needles become older, they drop off the tree to make room for the new needles.

One acre of real trees on a farm makes enough oxygen for 18 people.

Today, 98 percent of the real trees grown for the holidays are grown on farms.

Real Trees help filter dust and smog from the air and help stop erosion by holding soil in place.

Long before there was a Christmas, Egyptians brought green palm branches into their homes on the shortest day of the year (in December) as a symbol of life's triumph over death.

The Christmas tree for the White House has to be exactly 18-1/2 feet tall and look great with the decorations that the First Lady has chosen. The Head Usher of the White House visits the farm of the National Christmas Tree Association.s Grand Champion grower for the year in October or November to select the Perfect Tree.

There are approximately 33 million real Christmas trees sold in North America every year.

It can take as many as 15 years to grow a tree of average retail sale height (6 feet), but the average growing time is 7 years.

North-American real Christmas trees are grown in all 50 states and Canada. Most artificial trees are manufactured in China, Taiwan or Hong Kong.

Real trees are a renewable, recyclable resource. Artificial trees contain non biodegradable plastics.

For every real Christmas tree harvested, two to three seedlings are planted in its place the following spring.

There are more than 400 Ohio producers; more than 15,000 U.S. producers; and more than 100,000 people employed by the real Christmas tree farming industry.

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4. Recycle your Christmas tree

Did you know that in a national survey, 69 percent of all consumers who used a real Christmas tree say they recycled their tree through community programs? And that means that in addition to providing an authentic Christmas-tree experience, real trees also help the environment. There are five main types of large-scale uses for post-harvest trees. These are:

  • chippings for mulch used in playgrounds and hiking trails
  • beachfront erosion prevention
  • lake and river shoreline stabilization
  • fish habitat
  • river delta sedimentation management

Real trees are a renewable, recyclable resource. More than 98 percent of real Christmas trees are grown on farms throughout the country. They are grown to be harvested, just as corn or pumpkins are cultivated for harvest.

For each real Christmas tree harvested, up to three new seedlings and planted in its place. Young trees in their rapid growth years have a high rate of photosynthesis, producing more oxygen than older trees.

The conservation and recylcing page on the Lake Metro Parks website can provide you with recylcing and drop off locations You can also learn more about local Christmas tree recycling programs by entering your zip code at the National Christmas Tree Association's website or by calling (800) CLEANUP.

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5. Holiday safety facts

Real Christmas trees don't start fires. Ignition sources are always external. Here are some safety measures to observe that will keep your family safe.

Holiday Safety Measures

  • Select the freshest-looking real tree available.
  • Do not use lights, decorations or appliances with worn electrical cords. Use only UL-approved electrical decorations and extension cords.
  • Place the Christmas tree clear of doors to keep the emergency escape route clear of trees, packages and furniture.
  • Unplug tree lights and other decorations when out of the room or sleeping.

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